An update on the transition from IBC to SURFASOLOGY

Dear Customer,

It has been more than a year now since we changed our name from IBC to SURFASOLOGY. Like every new thing it takes a while for people to get used to but we are now starting to see the recognition of the new brand. However some customers are still looking for IBC so to reinforce the transition we want to share a little more of the story of SURFASOLOGY.

SURFASOLOGY is a co-operative of niche market construction chemical manufacturers from across Europe of which IBC is a member. The founder members are all well-established independent companies with up to 40 years of experience serving the construction markets across Europe and beyond.

The philosophy of SURFASOLOGY is to manufacture and supply high quality construction products. Throughout the innovation, development, and engineering of our products we focus on high efficacy but also ease of application and installation.

Our innovative and patented products, which meet all CE requirements, will benefit all stakeholders in the construction framework from Clients and Design Professionals, to Contractor and Applicators. High product efficacy coupled with ease of application will ensure peace of mind and significant savings in both time and money.

We have a fully qualified team of support professionals available to help our clients to design and complete their projects with confidence and on schedule.

Our key areas of expertise are:

Structural Waterproofing
Damp-proofing & Remedial Treatment
Floor Screeds
If you have a project that you need our help with please call us on 01-8321005 or email us

Kind Regards,

Eddie Grace

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