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You just might need a Waterproofing Specialist

As you may be aware, BS8102 is the main design guide for structural (basement) waterproofing in the UK and Ireland. The 1990 document was revised by a BSI panel incorporating experts from across the industry, then with a public consultation, leading to the document coming into effect on November 30th, 2009. BS8102 states that “a…
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Why Do I Need to Replaster?

Dryzone damp-proofing cream offers an effective treatment for Rising Damp in walls of all types. Independent tests demonstrate that once Dryzone has been injected into a mortar course it is able to spread and form an effective damp-proof course - blocking any further rising damp. However, rising damp treatments are unable to undo any salt and moisture damage…
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Rising Damp Solution

THE WORLD’S MOST RIGOROUSLY TESTED RISING DAMP TREATMENT Whenever Rising Damp is diagnosed it is important to have the condition correctly treated, as failure to do so can cause damage and devaluation to the property. It is not sufficient to simply cover up the problem with a special paint or coating in the hope that…
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What Kind of Damp is Affecting my Home?

Damp associated problems are not uncommon in Irish houses, but if left untreated could lead to serious and unwanted consequences. The three most common kinds of damp are rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. In order to treat the damp in your home, you will need to identify the type of damp problem you have.…
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