Ballyhaunis Swimming Pool, Co. Mayo

As this was an outdoor swimming pool and the structure was built into the ground, it was critical to success of the project that a waterproofing system, which is capable of offering protection against both positive and negative water pressure, was installed. To provide this the Drizoro Waterproofing System were specified for use.

Maxseal Flex, a flexible cementitious waterproof coating, is suitable for both positive and negative water pressure. Maxseal Flex was used to provide a Type A (Barrier Plastering Protection) System as described in BS8102: 2009 to the complete structure.

Concreseal Plastering was applied as a protection layer over the waterproofing.

Maxsheen Pool was then applied as decorative coating to inhibit the formation of algae, fungus, lichen etc., whilst the pool is empty during the winter months.

Type of Job Outdoor Swimming Pool Waterproofing
Products Maxseal Flex System, Concreseal Plastering, Maxsheen Pool
Main Contractors Michael Duane Construction
Location Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo
Construction Completion 2013


PDF: Ballyhaunis Swimming Pool