Containment Bund Tanking, Sligo

The IBC bund tanking system was used to waterproof six bund areas in total at Stiefel Laboratories.

Initially, a water-pressure system was used to clean the surfaces. Detailing of critical points and damages to the substrate were completed using SBR Modified Mortar, Reinforcing Mesh, Maxplug, and Maxseal Super.

Then, Maxseal Flex (a two component flexible waterproof coating) was used to waterproof the complete area.

Finally, Maxurethane 2C (a two component polyurethane protective coating) was applied over the Maxseal Flex to provide a high chemical and abrasion resistant surface.          











Type of Job Containment Bund Tanking (remedial works)
Products Maxseal Flex, Maxseal Super, SURFASFIX SBR, I-Mesh, Maxurethane 2C, Maxplug  





Main Contractor Chemisal
Sub-Contractor Martin McHugh
Contruction Completion 2013
Location Sligo, Ireland



We used the bund tanking system provided by IBC Ltd. to waterproof six different bund areas at Stiefel Laboratories. The materials were successfully applied and passed the tests on completion. The products seem to be good value for money; we were especially pleased with the possibility to apply Maxseal product range in damp conditions. We have all the confidence to recommend IBC bund tanking system.  Martin McHugh


Project Reference - Stiefel Laboratories, Sligo