Deck Waterproofing – Soreham-by-Sea, UK

Under the guidance from SURFASOLOGY, the waterproofing of the concrete deck of this exclusive complex was completed by trained installers William Neville & Sons using approved products from our supply partners Drizoro Construction Products.


The concrete deck was washed using a high-water pressure system. Damages to the concrete and the formation of fillets at upstands were completed using Maxrite 500.


The final detailing of repair areas, fillets and critical points were completed by coating with a 2mm layer of Maxseal Flex and a strip of Reinforcing Mesh back-rolled into the wet coating.


The main body of the deck area was waterproofed using Maxseal Super a cement based waterproof coating with crystallization and osmotic properties.


Type of Job Deck Waterproofing
Products Maxseal Super, Maxseal Flex, Maxrite 500, Drizoro Mesh
Main Contractors


William Neville & Sons


Location Soreham-by-Sea, UK
Construction Completion 2018


PDF: Deck Waterproofing, Soreham-by-Sea - Project Reference