Donegal Garda Station – Waterproofing & Radon Protection


SURFASOLOGY provided the Waterproofing and Radon protection for the below ground reinforced concrete of the new extension to Donegal Garda Station.

DualProof T Membrane was installed under the reinforced concrete slab, whilst DualProof S Membrane was installed as a post applied self-healing membrane on the reinforced concrete walls.

The construction joints in the concrete were detailed with CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop.

Maxseal Flex, a flexible waterproof coating, was used to provide continuity between the below-ground waterproofing and the Damp Proof Course.

CHH were the consulting engineers and Boyle Construction were the Main Contractors for this project.       


Type of Job Structure Waterproofing & Radon Protection

DualProof T, DualProof S, Quellmax Plus, Aqua Blocker, Maxseal Flex, Termination Rail


Main Contractors


Boyle Construction


Location Donegal Town
Construction Completion 2019


PDF: Donegal Garda Station - Waterproofing & Radon Protection