Fairland Apartments – Carpark Roof Slab Waterproofing

Woodlawn Developments completed the waterproofing of the roof-slab of the underground carpark of this apartment complex using Velosit products supplied by SURFASOLOGY.

Detailing of the critical points were completed using RM 202, WP121 and Reinforcing Mesh (SURFASMESH Pro 165).

Velosit CW 111 Crystalline, a cement-based waterproof coating with crystallisation properties, was used to waterproof the main body of the slab.

The movement joint on the slab was detailed with Maxflex XJS, which consists of a thermoplastic elastomeric strip with two lateral fleece edges bonded with Velosit WP 121 Rapid; this provides full waterproof protection whilst allowing full movement of the joint.


Type of Job Underground Carpark Roof Slab Waterproofing
Products Velosit WP 121 Rapid, Velosit CW 111 Crystalline, Velosit RM 202 Repair Mortar, SURFASMESH Pro 165, SURFASFIX SBR, Maxflex XJS
Main Contractors Woodlawn Developments
Location Dunboyne, Co. Meath
Construction Completion 2017


PDF: Fairland Apartments, Dunboyne - Project Reference