Huntstown AD Facility – Refurbishment Works


Jones Engineering are the Main Contractors for this ultra-modern facility.

SURFASOLOGY were contracted to complete some refurbishment works, these works included localised injection of polyurethane resin, concrete repair, joint sealing and partial waterproofing and protection of specific reinforced concrete walls.

All products used for these works are fully approved. SURFASOLOGY supplied and installed the materials.


Type of Job Crack Injection, Joint Detailing, Tank Lining

Webac 1403, Webac 150, Maxflex 900, Maxflex Primer, Maxseal Flex, Maxurethane 2C


Main Contractors


Jones Celtic BioEnergy


Location Dublin
Construction Completion 2019 - 2020


PDF: Huntstown AD Facility - Refurbishment Works