Martello Tower, Co. Donegal

Muckamish Fort Martello Tower was built at the beginning of the 19th century on Crohey Head, Co. Donegal. The tower was constructed beside the sea using sandstone and limestone. In 1950s the Tower was refurbished: the parapets were covered with asphalt (about 20mm thick) and the walls were pointed with cement mortar. The run off from the asphalt and the hardness of cement mortar caused serious erosion to the sandstone.In 2010 the Heritage Council of Ireland financed the restoration of the Tower. Immediate remedial work was required to protect this monument. SurfaPore C was used to protect the structure from water ingress that would have led to further erosion if left unattended.


Type of Job Restoration and preservation of sandstone and limestone structure
Products SurfaPore C
Main Contractors Laurence McGettigan Construction
Contruction Completion 2012
Location Crohey Head, Co. Donegal

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