Plant Room & Stair Core Waterproofing – Rathfarnham


This is an exclusive development of apartments designed by O’Mahony Pike Architects and constructed by Andrews Construction Ltd. located at Scholarstown Woods, Dublin 16.

SURFASOLOGY were tasked with providing a Grade 2 Environment for the plant room and stair core areas.

DualProof T Membrane was installed under the reinforced concrete base slab to provide a Type A Barrier Protection to the footprint of the plant room and the stair core areas.

The construction joints in the reinforced concrete were detailed using CEMflex VB Plate. This patented steel plate system acts as both an active and a passive barrier; the plate itself provides a physical barrier, whilst the special coating on the plate reacts with moisture to seal cracks and prevent water ingress.

The exterior wall of the plant room was coated with Maxseal Flex This two-component, flexible waterproof coating was used to provide a Type A Barrier Protection to the wall and to provide continuity of the waterproofing system.                                                                


Type of Job Plant Room & Stair Core Waterproofing

DualProof T, DualProof MS Polymer Adhesive, Aqua Blocker, Quellmax Plus, CEMflex VB Plate


Main Contractors


Andrews Construction Ltd.


Location Rathfarnham, Dublin 16
Construction Completion 2019 - 2020


PDF: Plant Room & Stair Core Waterproofing - Rathfarnham, D16