Roof Deck Waterproofing, Dublin

Velosit Waterproofing Products were installed on the concrete roof deck of this Apartment Complex to provide a Type A (Barrier System) as described in BS 8102: 2009.

Velosit RM 202 (repair mortar) and Velosit WP121 (rapid setting, flexible waterproof coating) was used for the detailing of the critical points on the structure.

Whilst,  Velosit 111 Crystalline coating was applied to the remainder of the structure.

The fast-setting ability of the Velosit products was a major benefit, as this project was completed in autumn when the ambient temperatures were dropping.

Type of Job Roof Deck Waterproofing
Products Velosit WP 111 Crystalline, Velosit WP 121 Rapid, Velosit RM 202 Repair Mortar
Main Contractors Woodlawn Developments
Location Dublin
Construction Completion 2016


PDF: Roof Deck Waterproofing Project Reference PDF