SurfaPore W

What is SurfaPore W:

SurfaPore® W is water-based, milky white coloured emulsion of paraffin solution and other additives formulated to protect unpainted timber from water penetration.

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

SurfaPore® W may be specified by name or by using the following description:  a propriety emulsion of paraffin solution used to protect un-painted timber from water penetration.


SurfaPore W

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Allows the surface to breathe
  • May be over coated with a water-based paint or a varnishes
  • May be used on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Does not change the colour of the surface and is UV stable
  • Carries independent test results


For full technical information, please click here:

SurfaPore W PIP

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