Surface Cleaners & Sterilants

S 1ltr V2

SURFASCLEAN Fungicidal Wash Concentrate

A non-corrosive, bio-degradable solution for cleaning masonry, concrete, and natural stone surfaces.



SURFASSTRIP Coating Removers

A high strength, environmentally friendly, water based gel used to remove coatings (paint, adhesives, graffiti, etc) from wood, metal, brick, stone and fibreglass, etc.


DeSalin AM

A water-based fungicide for cleaning mould, algae and micro-organism growths for internal and external masonry surfaces.




An orange citrus-based heavy duty degreasing solution used to remove grease, oils and dirt from concrete surfaces.


FGS Concrete Conditioner

A concrete cleaner and conditioner designed for on-going maintenance of hardened polished concrete floors.

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