SurfaPore Thermodry

What is SurfaPore Thermodry:                                                                                            

SurfaPore ThermoDry® is an additive for mixing an Acrylic based paints to produce a water repellent and thermally insulating paint for interior and exterior use.

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

SurfaPore ThermoDry® may be specified by name or by using the following description:  a propriety liquid additive for mixing with acrylic based paints to produce a thermally insulating paint which is water repellent.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Improves the thermal efficiency of the painted substrate
  • Helps prevent condensation, mould and mildew growth
  • Makes walls water repellent
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Water-based, non-toxic, very low VOC’s
  • Does not affect paint colour
  • Extends paint lifetime

For full technical information, please click here:

SurfaPore ThermoDry PIP

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