Floor Coatings & Sealers


Lumiseal FX

Acrylic curing and sealing coating for interior/exterior concrete surfaces. Produces a high gloss finish.


FGS Hardener Plus

A chemical solution that is formulated to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of mechanically ground, smoothed and polished concrete floors.


A long lasting oil and water-repellent treatment for surfaces such as concrete pavement, natural stone, or chemically hardened concrete.



Maxepox 800

A two component 100% solids, solvent free, epoxy coating with a high chemical resistance and is suitable for use in the food industry.




A two component, water based epoxy protective coating for interior surfaces such as cement moratrs, gypsum or metal surfaces.


Maxurethane 2C

A two component aliphatic polyurethane protective coating for outdoor areas. Highly resistant to weathering and UV rays, with long term colour stability in outdoor areas. Available in a gloss or a mat finish.

S 1ltr V2

A range of fast application, fast curing, high build liquid coatings that will accept quartz or decorative chips and produce a high quality decorative slip resistant floor.


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