Texself PE 2mm

What is Texself PE 2mm:

Texself PE 2 is a self-adhesive,polyethylene 2mm thick, polyethylene (PE) reinforced waterproofing membrane,  used for the waterproofing of underground walls, wet-rooms, balconies, etc.

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

Texself PE 2 may be specified by name or by using the following description: a self-adhesive, polyethylene reinforced 2mm thick waterproofing membrane.

Texself 1.5 (1)


  • Suitable for use waterproofing balconies
  •  Suitable for waterproofing of underground walls
  •  Can be used as an under-layer or a reinforcement layer for waterproofing systems with bituminous shingles
  •  Used as a vapour check in both conventional and deck roof systems


For full technical information, please click here:

Texself PE 2mm TDS

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