What is QuickCoat:

QuickCoat is a two component, high solids coating derived from a reaction of an isocyanate pre-polymer, a polyuria/aspartic amine terminated resin blend.

QuickCoat is available in various formulations to meet with specific customer requirements.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent colour retention, UV resistant
  • Very good adhesion on concrete structures without using a primer
  • High premium, decorative coating with effect-pigments for flooring
  • Fast reactivity and cure times
  • Fast return to service time
  • Maintains flexibility - seamless and joint-less coating and lining
  • Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics
  • Good outdoor weathering - resistant to chlorine and saltwater
  • Hydrolysis firm - non sensitive to humidity

Typical Applications:

  • Oil and Gas - external tank coatings, pipe coatings, infrastructure and plant coatings
  • Materials handling - steel infrastructure, earthmoving equipment, superior external corrosion protection of bins and hoppers
  • Construction - concrete sealing and coatings, aesthetic pool and pond coatings
  • Infrastructure assets - bridge and jetty steel work and pylons, power transmission towers, water storage tanks, public plant and equipment


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