Polyurethane Systems – Drizoro

What is Maxseal Flex:

Maxseal Flex is a two component flexible cementitious waterproof coating for concrete and masonry.

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

Maxseal Flex may be specified by name or by using the following description: “a propriety flexible waterproof coating against positive and negative pressure for concrete and masonry”.

  • Fully flexible waterproof coating
  • Approved for use with drinking water
  • Suitable for both positive and negative water pressure applications
  • Covers shrinkage and hairline cracks of the concrete
  • Withstands atmospheric pollution
  • Effective against the corrosive effects of salt water and de-icing salts
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and chloride free
  • Excellent adhesion and easy to apply
  • Suitable for above and belowground applications
  • Root resistance when detailed with Drizoro Mesh

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