Why Do I Need to Replaster?

Dryzone damp-proofing cream offers an effective treatment for Rising Damp in walls of all types. Independent tests demonstrate that once Dryzone has been injected into a mortar course it is able to spread and form an effective damp-proof course - blocking any further rising damp.

However, rising damp treatments are unable to undo any salt and moisture damage already caused to plaster. Neither will they remove hygroscopic (moisture attracting) salts from the plaster that have accumulated over the years. For this reason, contaminated plaster will have to be replaced as part of an effective rising damp treatment strategy.

Plastering systems designed for replacing damaged or salt contaminated plaster as part of a rising damp treatment system need to fulfil two key functions:

  • Prevent the passage of residual moisture reaching the decorative surface during the drying process.
  • Prevent the passage of hygroscopic salts from the underlying masonry to the new decorative surface in order to prevent further spoiling.

Traditionally dense sand:cement plasters incorporating additives such as Renderguard Gold have been used for this purpose. These have proven to be highly effective, but are not ideal for use in heritage buildings (due to their high cement content) and result in a cold surface that can increase condensation risk. For this reason an alternative has been developed:


A modern plasterboard based replastering system for use in conjunction with Dryzone damp-proofing cream. After the removal of existing plaster the wall is primed using Dryshield Cream (salt inhibitor and primer) before plasterboard is fixed to the wall using DryGrip adhesive which has been specifically formulated to resist moisture and salts. The system has the advantage of being breathable and allowing redecoration to be carried out immediately - making it an attractive solution for social housing and other rented accommodation.

dryzone_system_application_guidelines.pdf (2.3MB)

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